Orly Buchbinder PhD , Mathematics Education

Dr Orly Buchbinder I am an associate professor of mathematics education at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of New Hampshire.

I received my Ph.D in Mathematics Education from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. My doctoral research was funded by Israeli Ministry of Education, through a special scholarship for excellent doctoral students. Prior to pursuing my doctorate I taught high school mathematics in Israel for 8 years.

My research interests are broad, my main focus is teaching and learning mathematical reasoning and proving at the secondary level.

I study both the cognitive and social aspects of students’ mathematical reasoning and justification processes and I aspire to understand the ways in which teachers can support students’ development of mathematical reasoning and argumentation skills.
From teacher educator’s perspective I am especially curious about the kinds of knowledge and professional support that pre-service and practicing teachers need in order to create learning environments that foster students’ engagement with justification and proving.
From the instructional design perspective my research activities include design and evaluation of curriculum materials that provide students and prospective teachers with opportunities to practice mathematical reasoning, argumentation and proving.

I coauthored secondary mathematical textbooks and teaching guides, and contributed to a resource book on Calculus for teachers.

For more information on my research, teaching and other professional activities please see my CV.