My research interests are broad, but my main focus is on mathematical reasoning, argumentation and proof which are the keystones of mathematics. They are both the means for communicating mathematical ideas and the tools that enable understanding of these ideas.
My fascination with reasoning and proving originated from my teaching of high school mathematics and it became the subject of both my masters and doctoral research.

In my current research I continue exploring issues related to learning and teaching of reasoning and proving at the secondary level. I work with practicing and pre-service teachers on strategies for making reasoning and proving a reality in mathematics classrooms.

2017 - 2020: National Science Foundation - IUSE 1711163: Enhancing Preparation of Secondary Preservice Mathematics Teachers: Mathematical Reasoning and Proving as a Lens for Teaching. PI: Orly Buchbinder, Co-PI: Sharon McCrone. $ 283,249.

Design of instructional tasks has been one of the areas of my research interests.

2014 – 2017: LessonSketch Research and Development Fellow. I am one of ten fellows in the U.S. selected by the ThEMaT 3 project (PI Daniel Chazan) to create and disseminate rich media modules for mathematics teacher preparation courses. Information about the modules I created in collaboration with my colleagues can be found here.

I am also very passionate about Noyce program at UNH, and one of the Co-PIs on UNH Noyce project CREST.

2017 – 2021: National Science Foundation - Noyce Scholarship Program 111089470: Culturally Responsive and Effective Stem Teaching (CREST): Strengthening the Foundation for Teacher Success in High Needs Schools. PI: Dawn Meredith; Co-PIs: Orly Buchbinder, Margaret Greenslade, Carrie Hall, and Elysse. $1,429,337.