Edited Books

Buchbinder, O., & Kuntze, S. (2018). Mathematics Teachers Engaging with Representations of Practice. Springer, Cham.Using Representations of Practice for Teacher Education and Research—Opportunities and Challenges

This book presents innovative approaches and state-of-the-art empirical studies on mathematics teacher learning. It highlights the advantages and challenges of such tools as classroom videos, concept cartoons, simulations, and scenarios. The book details how representations of practice encourage and afford professional development, and describes how these tools help to investigate aspects of teacher expertise, beliefs, and conceptions. In addition, the book identifies the methodological challenges that can emerge and the obstacles educators might encounter when using representations of practice. The book examines the nature of these challenges and provides suggestions for solving them. It offers a variety of different approaches that can help educators to develop professional learning activities for prospective and in-service teachers.

Co-Authored Mathematical Textbooks

Pedagogical Secretariat, Israeli Ministry of Education (2013). Teaching and Learning of Calculus: mathematical and pedagogical resource book for teachers. (In Hebrew). Tel-Aviv: Maalot Publications. Full electronic version

Efshar Gam Acheret (2010). [There is another way].Team-written mathematics textbooks and teacher guides for 7th,8th and 9th grades. Bonus Books Publishing Company. (in Hebrew). A product of the curriculum design projects. Sample electronic version

Buchbinder, O. & Shmueli, E. (2005)Mathematics for State Final Examination – module 3. Ort Publications, Tel-Aviv. (Mathematical textbook for high schools, (in Hebrew). Includes chapters on Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus).