I fundamentally believe that educational research and teaching should build on and inform one another, and I strive to combine the two.

I taught secondary mathematics for 8 years prior to and while earning my Master’s degree. As a Doctoral candidate at the Technion, I taught multiple content and methods courses for prospective teachers; and received a Vivian Konigsberg Award for Excellence in Teaching for three consecutive years (2006 – 2008) followed by an Award for Consistent Excellence in Teaching in 2008.

At UNH I teach a variety of courses, in mathematics and mathematics teacher education. I also teach graduate courses in mathematics education.  

If I had to define my teaching philosophy in one word, that would be respect. Respect for students as individuals and autonomous thinkers, respect for mathematics as a discipline, and respect for teaching as a profession.

I am committed to my students’ success and strive to make my courses meaningful for their future careers.